Publish your content to multiple channels from one place

Create new content, load it onto your website and give yourself more exposure; then take that content and distribute it to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Dailymotion, Reddit, Diggo and Delicious so you can become a lot more visible to the world.

Very simple to use.

We offer you a simple to use Marketing Wizard to perform distribution tasks and easy to use control panels for everthing else.

content management software

content marketing cms

Even bookmark sites!

Submit your new page info (Title, Description, Keywords & URL) to Reddit and Delicious with ease.

marketing wizard

Different types of media

Distribute your page content and links, videos, music and more.

Upload your videos using Voxy CMS!

Social media dashboard report

Get a quick glance at how your social media efforts are performing.

Social media dashboard

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Voxy CMS is a different kind of publishing platform

Voxy CMS gives you the capabilities to manage your content easily, but it is much more than that. The idea was to create a content management system that actually helps you promote your content.

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Voxy CMS is a complete solution for small businesses.

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