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The Vault is where we store all of our best and most helpful content. It's filled with written, audio and video content from both our own specialists as well as some of the Web's top experts.

This free content will help you unlock the full potential of your real estate business. Our own Edwin Huertas has created this Internet Business Development coaching program and we will be adding new written and video content every month.


Course chapters

The online business tips that Edwin Huertas is putting together is broken down into sections and structured in a way that guides you from beginning to end of your Internet Business Development plan. It is meant as a "blueprint" that will allow small businesses to have the same online marketing power that large companies have -- at a fraction of the cost.


Part I – Getting Started

  1. Understanding the importance of your domain name

  2. Researching domains

  3. Technologies involved and what you'll need to know

  4. Where to get extremely low-cost design & marketing help if you don't have the time

Part II – Your Online Business and Marketing Strategies

  1. A marketing questionnaire to help prepare your campaign

  2. Understanding your online marketplace

  3. Marketing channels

  4. Developing a Competitive Analysis

Part III – Budgeting

  1. Sales projections and calculating ROI (Return on Investment)

  2. Customer Lifetime Value

  3. Setting milestones

Part IV – Implementing Your Online Marketing Campaign

  1. Direct marketing tips for real estate agents

  2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  3. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising campaigns

  4. Social media marketing

Part V – Leveraging Social Media for Real Estate

  1. Marketing via social media channels

  2. Strategies and Metrics

  3. Email newsletter publishing

  4. Blog and article marketing

Part VI – Analysis and Ongoing Activities

  1. Setting up campaign tracking

  2. Analyzing your website traffic and campaign results

  3. Implementing your “offsite” SEO efforts

  4. Continuing your article marketing activities


  1. Getting free help from your personal consultants

  2. Contact and Support Information

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